Zack’s StoryZack

Our 14-year-old son, Zack, participated in a voluntary cardiac screening program through Heartfelt that was offered this past fall for his football program at his high school.  Much to our shock, the screening turned up a problem in our otherwise very healthy, active, athletic kid. Zack’s irregular EKG led us to a pediatric cardiologist who diagnosed Zack with something called Wolfe Parkinson White syndrome, which is basically an extra electrical pathway in the heart that can lead to rapid heartbeat and other issues.  We learned that there was a procedure that can be done to eliminate, or at least damage, this second electrical pathway. Zack had this procedure done last week at CHOC and everything went well.  We are so grateful to Heartfelt for providing the screening program and for getting the word out there amongst school-aged athletes and their families. We consider his poor screening result a gift and are grateful for this program that can actually prevent a horrible tragedy from occurring.

“A huge thank you to Holly at Heartfelt for her dedication to
this cause and for the personal care and concern she had for Zack.”Zack_Football
– Peggy & Jim
Zack’s Parents