The Importance of Being

August 4, 2019

Heartfelt Cardiac Project founder Holly Morrell returns to discuss her work preventing sudden cardiac arrest through affordable cardiac screening including sharing a bit about her role in an upcoming Amazon Prime show, “The Social Movement” and her recent visit to the UN.

Mornings with Ed

July 24, 2019

With shocking honesty, local non-profit Director of Heartfelt, Holly Morrell discusses the importance of early detection for potential cardiac arrest and delivers its absolute killing potential in the starkest terms. The next Laguna Beach screening is August 19, at LBHS.

School Standout: Gail Myers

After Dana Point mother Gail Myers experienced the unimaginable, the sudden death of a child, she made it her mission to make sure the same tragedy doesn’t happen to other families.

CBS News with correspondent Bill Whitaker

whitaker-billLAGUNA BEACH, Calif. – Holly Morrell once rode horses professionally. But, CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker reports, Morrell gave up riding after simple tests – an EKG and echocardiogram – revealed her heart was likely to go into sudden cardiac arrest -under stress.

That same condition took the lives of six of her family members including her father, and two cousins aged 12 and 14.

Morrell said she turned her anguish into action. “I gave up my career in equestrian show jumping to devote my energy and focus into saving lives.”

She did that by founding Heartfelt Cardiac Projects. Based in Orange County., Calif., and staffed with volunteers, her non-profit offers $1,500 cardiac screenings for free – or, if you’re able, a nominal $85 donation.

KTLA Heroes at Home

Heroes-at-Home-screenshot-cropLOS ANGELES, Calif. – This “Heroes At Home” TV segment features Holly Morrell, who runs a Cardiac Arrest awareness and screening program in Orange County. KTLA 5 Emmet Miller reports the story.

KCAL9 News

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – KCAL9, CBS Los Angeles, tells the story of Desiree Morrell, the oldest living survivor of SCA.

NBC News: Colleen Williams and Chuck Henry

Southern California’s Emmy Award-winning NBC4 newscast with legendary Co-Anchors Colleen Williams and Chuck Henry report on SCA with Doctor Bruce. Ask Dr. Bruce, is a weekly news segment in which Chief Health, Medical and Science Correspondent, Bruce Hensel, M.D., addresses viewer-submitted health questions.