Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca ran cross-country, played JV basketball, and ran long distant track for Esperanza High School. In the summer after her freshman year, a girl’s sister on her cross-country team, Morgan, died suddenly on the tennis court from cardiac arrest. This event plus shortness of breath that Rebecca felt frequently when running longer distances in cross-country, (her doctor told her it was sports induced asthma and gave her an inhaler to use) troubled her often like something else might be wrong. That fall, Heartfelt Cardiac Screening was offered at her high school campus and Rebecca felt the urge to be checked. The screening was easy and didn’t take long. Rebecca was told they saw an abnormality from the screening and she should see a cardiologist for more testing. Rebecca was diagnosed with Hydrotropic Cardiomyopathy (HCM).

“We are so thankful we discovered this through Heartfelt Cardiac Screening. Rebecca’s life has changed… Her heart disease is managed now and she is being protected.”
– Dawn & Mark, Rebecca’s Parents